Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Karma or Life Lesson

Today Mario and I went out to a nice sushi lunch. Rain, thunder, diet coke and fresh yummy sushi. I was a happy girl. So on the way back to the car, we stopped next store so could get my brows waxed. Yes, one of my favorite things next to fresh sushi is freshly manicured brows. I know, I'm a masochist.

I walk to the back with the lady. Lay on the table and endure the waxing. When she finishes, she hands me the mirror to check her work. I look excitedly and hand the mirror back. I pay her and we are on our way.

All is great. We are in the car driving and I sneak a peek in the rear view mirror. I notice that the inner part of the brows are a little different. I show Mario and he can see also...which means it must be really off. So, when we came to the next stop light and I pull my glasses down to get a better look. Wow she took a lot off the outer part of the my eyebrows. Um, no she just took a lot off my left eyebrow only. My left eyebrow is way shorter than my right eyebrow! Like one third shorter!

They are two different eyebrows! Horrible. This is why I don't like new waxers. You never know. I have been there before and it was fine.

The worst part is, it's all my fault. She handed me that mirror for approval. I was all excited to have the caterpillars tamed that I didn't look closely. I signed off on Cinderella and her ugly stepsister! Dammit, lesson learned!

Of course Mario was no help on the way home. He was nice enough to offer to draw in some eyebrow for me with some of his pens from work. He then asked me if all that extra eyebrow on the right side would make my head lean, then the car would veer to the right. Jerk!

Edited to Add...as we were looking through photos today, Mario just had to mention how nice and even my eyebrows were...wise-ass

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