Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura!

When you visit Disneyland for your birthday and go into one of the visitor offices, they will give you a pin to wear. The pin says "Happy Birthday" and they will write your name on it. Wearing that pin means that every cast member must wish you a happy birthday. It's fun. I suppose more for kids than anyone, but we still get a pin for anyone there on their birthday.

I seem to be the only dork who hasn't been to Disneyland on my birthday to get one of these fancy pins. Being the good daughter that I am, I was up north helping my mother move on my birthday. About a half an hour after I complained that I wouldn't be at Disneyland on my birthday getting my fancy pin, I got a call from the sister-in-law letting me know that she was at Disneyland and picked me up a pin with my name on it.

I was very excited when I got home and got my very own pin with my name on it...I know way nerdy. Since then it's been sitting in the bottom of my purse.

Today we got a call from my sister-in-law to go to lunch. I quick changed my shirt into something more appropriate for people to see me in. A white blouse. Of course I questioned this choice for a few seconds before I realized that it's only thing I really had to wear. I knew the white blouse was a mistake the minute we walked out the door, but I wasn't changing again.

I'm sure you know where this went. Two bites in and I had shit all over the right boobage area of my white blouse. I tried wiping with a napkin, blotting a little water. It was in there good. So I resorted to the Mario trick. I tease him every time he does it, but it seems to work. He fishes a ice cube out of his drink and works his magic on the offending stain. Works like a charm...for him. Not me. This shit wasn't budging.

We kinda joked about how I could walk around with the reverse pledge of allegiance pose like my sister in law had done this weekend. I had a better idea though.

I knew it was in there still. I fished around in my purse and quickly pinned it on my shirt. My birthday pin was there to save the day.

Mario and Angela both stared at me. Then my sister in law said "Yeah that makes you look like less of an idiot".

But you know what...I kinda felt better about hiding the stain. I also kinda hoped that they'd bring me some ice cream and sing happy birthday to me in spanish. Didn't happen.

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