Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boy, did today turn out to be exhausting! Mars was recruited by a friend to help move and today was community clean up day at the garden for me. It worked out really well for us because Mario's friend Charles lives close to our garden. So I dropped Mario off and headed over for some weeding.

I haven't been to the garden in almost a month. It's a little weird but the garden is about an hour away. My friend lives a few minutes away, so she takes care of the day to day things. We put in a ton of the hard labor hours, building the raised beds and sifting for rocks, so it evens out. But when I walked into the garden I was shocked. In one month it was a different place. Sunflowers that were just starting out are now over ten feet tall. There are beautiful veggies everywhere. It's like the garden took steroids while I was away. It was pretty exciting to see the changes.

It was already heating up by the time I had gotten there. I covered myself in 45 SPF and went to work weeding. For some reason no matter how many bottles of water I bring, it's never enough. Luckily there are hoses everywhere. I must have consumed 3 gallons of water. By the time noon rolled around I had sweated off my sunscreen and sweated out the three gallons of water that I had drank. But the garden was weeded and we had netting up around the beds to keep the bunnies from eating
our crop...Those cute little assholes!

But there was a reward for all that hard work! 2 big radishes! It was exciting for us. But that's all that was ready. Hopefully we'll get more of something!

On the way out the president of the garden threw some oregano and a big bushel of basil at me...yum! A guy offered us some cucumber and of course I took it, it was free. Even if we don't get a lot from our garden, we've gotten a bunch of wonderful stuff from people there.

Exhausted and a little sunburned, I headed out to find Mario and the guys. Of course I hoped that they would be finished. Well they almost were. After filling up two big bags full of plums from their tree, we finished up the last load and then headed over to the new place to help unpack.

*Mario is passed out next to me. He's been mumbling and humming in his sleep. I've been waiting for something good to come out. Finally...he yelled "Lemon Sauce!" cracks me up*

Anyway, we started out at seven this morning. I think we got home at 6pm. Between the moving, gardening and the hot sun, we were drained. I passed out for two hours on the couch. Out cold. No moving. I finally woke up and Mario passed out at nine. I had to wake him up to get him to was that a task. The man was out. He could barely wake up enough to walk.

We're finally in bed, I just hope I can go back to sleep now. It was quite a nap earlier.

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