Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomorrow Mario and I are leaving and heading up north. My Aunt Barbara's memorial is this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing my family. Family that I haven't seen in a long long time. Including my uncle's family that I haven't seen in an even longer time. I have been informed by my uncle that there will be a drunken BBQ after the memorial and potluck. With all of my uncle's family and's gonna be a huge huge drunken party.

In the mean time, I'm trying to get all kinds of shit finished. I've totally made my life more difficult than necessary. I want the house all clean when we come home. So I've been cleaning, washing laundry, washing towels, sheets, dishes, bathroom...pretty much everything that comes my way has been washed. Doesn't sound too bad really.

However, last night Mario and I stayed up all night. No not having the sexy time. Making a stellar portfolio to submit to Disney Animation. While we were at it and because we're going to be up in the Bay Area, we decided to make one for Pixar. And then a digital portfolio for a studio up in Oregon. It was a long night. Finished off by a run to Staples early this morning for ink to finish printing one CD. (Don't you love when the ink runs out with one thing left to print.) Then he took the portfolio over to his sister at Disney to hand to the submissions coordinator.

I then crapped out until noon. Got up and started cleaning, and washing. Sometime during the day I volunteered to make a fritatta for my mother-in-law(the woman loved the last one, what can I say. Flattery totally works on me). I still have a bunch of photos to print for this weekend of my aunt and family. And to top it off, I have to pick up a friend's family at the airport come midnight. Did you hear that? My head just exploded.

Side note...My friend is pregnant. due any minute. They will be using our second car while we are gone. Her family is in town, so they don't have to rent a car for ridiculous amounts of money. She decided that it would be easier for me to go pick them up at midnight and drive them half way home. Have Mario come and pick me up. Then parents drive off with the car. Yeah it's not necessarily easier for me. More for them. However, with Issac wanting out any second, I will indulge her. With the amount of midnight trips to the airport I've made for them, I better get some serious baby cuddling time in.

Anyway, it's almost nine. My neck and back are killing me. I've been singing happy birthday all day...damn ice cream man is driving by our house about once an hour with happy birthday playing every time. And if I'm not singing that, I'm singing Total Eclipse of the Heart...yes the litteral version that is all over the internet right now. Also, Mario has gotten me addicted to this stupid game on facebook. So I keep checking in on it, to see how it's doing.

I can't win. I better go vaccuum before it gets too late...

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