Monday, June 08, 2009

Visitng The Farm

Today we were back at the farm. After a small detour to the movie theater to see "The Hangover"(funny funny funny movie), we headed on out. We were a little later than anticipated, however we got there and finished what we set out to do.

A few weeks ago we filled the first raised bed and planted a bunch of vegetable seeds out of pure excitement. We left that day with the second empty raised bed mocking us. At least it was built and in place. However, we've been waiting for the right time to head back out and fill that thing up! We decided that today was the day. Of course we were also very excited to get back out there and see if any of our seeds had produced and popped up yet. We were very excited to see that one of our sweet corn stalks came up a few inches. Woo hoo. And there's another little something that popped up. I think it was radish...however not 100% positive. Our labeling system isn't complete yet.

Anyway, it was lots of sifting dirt and trying to get the rocks out. Add in a nice breeze and you have a mess. I was down wind. I had a complete coating of dirt on me.

Tracy had somehow gotten dirt into her mouth and looked like she was wearing dirt braces.

Of course Mario and his sister were smart enough to stay out of our way and kept relatively clean.

If I had thought about it, I would have taken a photo of our little baby corn stalk. But I didn't because I was tired and dirty and was too busy getting that last beautiful photograph.

The good news is that for now we are finished with the hard labor. One bed is planted and this week Tracy will plant the second bed with a bunch of seedlings she's been growing. There is a large space in between the two beds for a third bed. However, for now we only have the time and money for two small beds. We'll build the middle bed when we really have the time and cash to. Hopefully that will be before this fall, so we can plant a bunch of lettuce and winter veggies. Right now I think we're happy with our two beds and the planters I have on our patio.

I'll be very excited to finally start seeing some home grown vegetables on our table. I have a million little green tomatoes on my tomato plants. I'm just waiting for them all to ripen up!

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