Friday, June 12, 2009

Of course

I love when you are so excited to see all these people you haven't
seen in a long time that you wake up with a huge zit on your cheek. On
my cheek! At least it's not on my nose or center forehead. I can at
least turn my head a little bit when talking to people...I'll just
look like the girl who's grown up and has a weird quirk of talking out
the left side of her face.

I get pimples like once or twice a year, why now!?


  1. That was me last week. One dead smack in the middle of my forhead, one on my chin and one next to my mouth. Real nice looking!!

  2. I'm getting them like crazy too. On my forehead, chin and chest! It's so gross. I've never had this much acne in my life. Something's in the water.


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