Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Conversation Last Night

Midnight hit last night and I turned to Mario and said guess what time it is! He turned and said "Happy Birthday Sweets!" I told him to lay a birthday kiss on me. Then knowing he has a mental block with the year I was born and how to spell my middle name, I stepped back and asked...

Me: Great, Now how old am I?
Mario: 34
Me: (staring at him)
Mario: 35
Me: (shaking my head)
Mario: 36!?
Me: No Jackass!
Mario: 33! wow you're way younger than me!
Me: Jesus finally! Now how old am I if anyone asks you?
Mario: 27
Me: Good boy...

Why can't he remember how old I am? You'd think marrying a younger woman would be a brag point for him. Mystery.

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