Monday, June 29, 2009

There's a mystery in our house right now

I've been noticing the very steady decline of our glassware for a while now.

When we moved in we had a few matching sets of glasses. 12 assorted glasses that came with the dishes, a set of four really cute glasses my sister gave me, a set of four large water glasses that I love, some random glasses and of course some plastic stuff just for good measure. Well, last summer after our major BBQing had slowed down, I noticed that we were down all 12 glasses that came with the dishes. Luckily I found the exact glasses at a store for cheap and we were back in business.

I knew we were getting low again when we left for my mom's place, but holy hell what happened while we were gone! What was once an over flowing cabinet of glasses only holds a few survivors. Only one the cute glasses my sister gave me is left, only one of the water glasses are left, and of the glasses that came with the dishes and their replacements, only one tall glass and three cocktail glasses are left. What was at least 26 glasses, only 6 survive.

What happened here? Mario rats himself out every time he breaks something. No one that has come over has ever mentioned breaking anything (although I have found remnants in the trash a few times after a few bachelor friends of Mario's has come over). But I don't get it. Was it this bad before we left? Did the time away give me a new perspective on the glass situation? Or...maybe the cats were more pissed off at us that we thought.

The funny part is my mother called mid way through writing this to say she found a great deal on plastic dishes that would be great for all our BBQing parties. Then we have to worry less about people breaking our shit. Funny. I still can't figure out how she knows what's going on when she's not around.

Edited to add...I just got off the phone with a friend. I came back to my desk to find my water glass gone. Mario had taken it to use because the other 2 water glasses were dirty...really? Mine was technically dirty too.

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