Thursday, June 25, 2009

I apologize! I've been back home since Monday and haven't written anything on the bloggy. Partially because I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. Mostly because I had to finish a highly addictive trashy novel that I started reading while at my mom's place. You can blame my mother, she's got books every where. Of course I found this one in the bathroom one evening...hey don't judge, when you need to be in there for a bit, sometimes a little distraction is needed.

Anyway it was a good book. It was a little out there but very enjoyable and exciting. Here's my complaint though. If you are going to have a slightly out there book, why would you put in such a G-rated sex scene. "His hand moved down to her essence,..." I have never referred to my girly parts as my essence. Yes I realize that if they had actually used the term "girly parts" in book, it wouldn't have been remotely romantic or hot. (I only use that term because I was just trying to keep it a little more comfortable on the blog because my younger cousins read it and I don't want to be a negative influence...right.) However, if you are going to put a sex scene in a book why not be a little more forward than "her essence". I think most of us can handle it. Ok maybe they used "essence" so they wouldn't shock any grandmothers out there. However, I just can't see grandma reading such an action packed book either. Ok...rant over.

Anyways, I'm back and the cats have been bitching at us all week. Poor Bob has been checking to make sure we haven't made a run for it again. He comes in during the night meowing and stepping all over us while we sleep. Then he checks in again in the morning. What a way to wake up. Dexter on the other hand is giving us the cold shoulder. He did warm up a little bit today but he's still acting like an asshole.

Well, back to normal life. I think I'm back on a normal schedule...more blogs to come

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  1. I hope that you're not referring to me as the younger cousin-- I may have gave a speech last semester on why senior citizens should keep having sex. Although mine would have been much better if I hadn't been right after the kid who explained why you should masturbate"... it was a good day to go to class!


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