Thursday, July 02, 2009

ADD blogging

I've been totally uninspired to write blogs again this week. My week has been very uninspired. I have had a hard time getting in the mood to work. And when I find it hard to work, I get the guilt. When I get the guilt for not working, I don't feel like I should be doing anything else. So a lot of nothing has been getting done.

Here's the thing. I know that if I just relax and do something else for a little bit, it will be easier for me to get back to work and actually get shit done. I know this. However, guilt is fighting reason and winning. This must not happen!

So, I actually hunkered down, got a few work blogs finished and posted. Now I get to write a fun blog. That is boring as hell! I have the funk ok!

Now that I said it, I'm actually feeling better.

I don't know if you've seen this...

I got one the other night. I was sitting at my desk working, when Bob comes flying at me from the bookshelf behind me. First off, it was a full bitchslap. Second, it scared the shit out of me. Which scared the shit out of mario when I screamed. Third, my heart not only got a jump but I took the full weight of that little asshole straight to the heart!

My favorite thing I have to tell mother just moved to a street called Golden Rain Rd...That makes me happy!

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