Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You know when you've had a long day and are loosing energy and get a little punchy? That was Mario, Angela, and I last night.

I had gotten a lot of work finished in the morning and afternoon. So when I got the call to go to Disneyland in the afternoon for Angela's birthday, I was all in. We ran around that park until it was closed. Then drove an hour home and had dinner out. By that time it was 10pm and we were getting punchy. We were slowly rotating from sleepy, to grumpy in need of food, to silly, to quiet, back to silly.

We were well behaved for the most part. Until one thing set us off. By us I mean Angela and me. Poor Mario was unfortunately the butt of our joke. During dinner, somehow, Mario's shirt had come unbuttoned. The top two buttons had released and his manly chest hair was on full display. Of course we went right in for the kill. We were teasing him about how sexy the manly chest hair was, when we noticed...he had some salad tangled in with his chest hair. That sent us over the edge. Angela and I had the worst case of the giggles. There was crying. There was pointing. There was snorting. We were the loudest people in the restaurant, but we couldn't help it. Mario took it like a man though.

Me: Oh good honey, we can have that later
Angela: We should give that to mom, maybe she hasn't eaten yet
Me: Aw you're going green and finding alternative ways to bring leftovers home
Angela: Wait maybe we should get a box for that
Me: Why he's got it taken care of
Angela: I don't want him arrested for shoplifting a salad
Me: ~falling on the ground laughing~
Angela: Excuse me sir do you have a receipt for that salad you are hiding in your chest hair?

Of course the whole conversation was held at that high pitched voice you get when you're trying to keep it together and not laugh.

It only got worse when Mario realized that it wasn't anywhere near the type of lettuce that he had just eaten.

Me: What have you eaten didn't have any other salad today!
Mario: Maybe it's foliage from the park
Me: Don't think so mister...that's salad
Mario: Parsley! It's Parsley!
Me: There wasn't any parsley on anything you just ate
Mario: ~silence~

Then we turned around and noticed that after all the teasing of Mario, Angela had a huge piece of pot roast plastered to her shirt.

Normally that would have just been normal. However, after working all day and then running around Disneyland for 5 hours, salad in chest hair was the funniest thing we'd ever seen.

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  1. You need to take pictures of random food stuck on people. Start a blog on that.


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