Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Proud Moment

Tonight we went to The Corner Bakery for dinner with Mario's sister and Tadao. Angela and I ordered our usual. While Mario and Tadao had a drink, and Tadao a desert. Tadao got the wonderful 3 citrus mini bundt cake that we had all been eyeing.

We all tried a bite of the bundt cake. However, when it got to Mario he started having trouble trying to get his piece of cake free. As he was tearing at the poor little cake with his fork, Tadao asked "what is he doing to that cake?"

I told him "He's tearing you a new bundt hole"

Comedy gold! Situations like that don't pop up every day. Of course Mario pretended that his dainty wife had not said that. Angela rolled her eyes. Tadao and I giggled, because we are both really 15 year old boys.


  1. Very funny. Yes, situations like that don't present themselves too often.

  2. "Oh, humor. Ar Ar"


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