Thursday, May 14, 2009


Have you ever had a dream that you were going through a closet full of all the clothes you've ever owned? And it was exciting because you forgot you had that shirt or those shoes? And you wake up all excited about wearing that shirt in your dream. But then you realized that you got rid of that shirt a long time ago. And you're all bummed out? I have those dreams and they really bum me out sometimes.

A lot of times these dreams are about clothes that I've donated to good will. They were probably getting a little old or just generally on their way out. Or in the current circumstances, we just don't have the space for extra clothes taking up space. I've also been trying to get rid of all the extra things we have around. The things that take up space but don't really mean something to us. That includes clothes that we just don't wear.

Lately I've felt like I don't have the clothes that I want. I know I need more work clothes, but we just don't have the money to go out shopping right now. That's why those dreams pop up here and there.

Well last night was the first time that I've had one of those dreams, and woke up and knew I actually had the item in the dream. My red purse. I woke up in the best mood...because that cute purse in my dream was actually in MY HOUSE!!!

...and then I found another purse I had forgotten I had and switched to that purse instead.

....and I think it was a mistake because I'm not really impressed by this other purse. I'm already loosing things in it.

......I should have listened to the dream and switched to the cute red purse.

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