Friday, May 15, 2009


I was telling you in my last blog about how I've been weeding through a lot of extra stuff. I'm just trying to live with less stuff around. So my closet has taken a hit. Why store things that I don't' wear? Also, why keep clothes around that are showing wear or have run their course? Those are the ones to go. Only the necessary things. Everything in my closet fits. Nothing in there that I'll one day fit into. My closet is all legit.

We got to this point a few months ago. I had cleared out a few bags of clothes. Mario had gotten rid of some clothes that had shrunk or just didn't fit. Our closet looked great. We dropped everything off at the donation place. Except one little bag of somehow got left in the back of my truck. It's just never gotten dropped off.

Now is where I make a confession...because of this purging my closet is at a minimum. Come spring, I want to do some shopping for new summer clothes. I'm also in need of some good clothes to wear on shoots. Well, we don't got no money for shopping right now. So I broke into that little donation bag that never got dropped off an has been sitting in my car for months. Yes I did. And I found one blouse that love. That I can not for the life of me figure out why I got rid of it. Ok, it's a little worn, but now looking at it in's like brand new! I also found a short sleeve sweatshirt that I have had a love/hate relationship with for a long time. Right now that sweatshirt is comfortable and feels new again.

I know, it's a little pathetic...ok a lot pathetic! I donated to my own pathetic cause. I accepted a donation from an over purging snob who got rid of things that shouldn't have been gotten rid of.

Either way, at least this will keep me from charging up my credit card. It's a quick clothes fix. Maybe before I donate I should just put some clothes in a bin in the garage. Then just take a quick look before I donate. Then maybe it will make me excited about some of my own clothes when I can't afford to buy something new.

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  1. You're right, it's better than putting items on your cc. Think of it as re-purposing! Yay spring cleaning!


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