Sunday, May 31, 2009

D'Anna Update

Two things I learned when I married into the D'Anna clan. First, Mario talks in his sleep(ok I'll be honest, I knew this before I got married) Second, Mario's mother needs a leash. We loose her all the time.

Just as I was falling asleep the other night Mario yelled "YYEESSSS!!!" Made me laugh. Then just as I was falling a sleep again, I felt him put the remote for the tv on my back. Then he put his phone on my butt. Then his glasses in between them. In his sleep. This is new.

Yesterday morning Angela(sister-in-law) and Isabelle(mother-in-law) were running some errands. They stopped off at Macy's to make a return. Isabelle decided to stay in the car, while Angela ran to make the return. Angela ran inside real quick, made the return, took a quick look at some clothes, then headed back to the car. Angela was in the car, reversing out of the parking spot when she realized Isabelle was missing. So Angela reparked the car and went inside looking for Isabelle. She found Isabelle hanging out in Macy's looking around.

Makes me wonder what's next

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