Thursday, May 28, 2009

Craigslist is Dumb

So remember a couple of months ago when I was selling that air conditioner on craigslist? I had all the trouble with the guy not showing up when he said he would and then wanting a discount.

Well apparently I haven't learned my lesson. I put a few items up online tonight. Mostly odd camera equipment that I don't use. I've gotten a few reasonable hits on some of the crap.

And one ridiculous inquiry on a lens. I put one lens up for $100, knowing I'd barter a little. Well, I got an email from some guy asking for a little more detail and wondering if I'd take $80 for it. I answered his question and agreed to take $80 for the lens. Then he instantly emailed back asking if I'd take $40 for it. What makes him think that forty bucks would sound remotely good to me when I put it online for $100?

So I emailed him back and said I'd take $85...jerk.


  1. Yeah he decided $80 sounded ok after all...but we'll see if he actually shows up


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