Thursday, June 04, 2009

Water Boarding

Yes I said water boarding. Last week I bought the "Neti Pot" for Mario. The man has some serious allergies. He doesn't like to take meds and I don't want him to continually have to take any, especially if he doesn't want to. So after hearing about people loving their Neti Pots, we decided to give it a try.

I'm not sure if you all have seen how this works. You fill this little tea pot up with water and add in their saline solution. You then put the pot up to your nostril and pour that shit in. You are filling up and rinsing out your nasal passages and sinuses. You're pouring the water in one nostril and it's exiting out the other nostril. It's not a very pretty process. And am I wrong or is this essentially water boarding?!

Mario tried it out when we first bought it. He doesn't make it look good at all! All the moaning, coughing, snottiness and general drama, made it look horrible. Why would you do this to yourself? I have avoided even thinking of trying it. Until tonight. I've been feeling like I had a little bit of post nasal drip. Tonight after dinner, I felt like it was getting a little worse. So we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a little decongestant. I want this to stop in it's tracks. I'm heading to Disneyland all day Friday, have to work on the farm on Saturday, and have some portrait shoots for a club later on Saturday. I don't want to postpone any of these. So when we got home, I popped a couple of decongestant and then looked at the Neti Pot.

I really didn't want to do it, but I needed to water board myself. I set it all up and just stared at it for a while. It's really hard to think about filling up your nose with water. I had to psych myself up. Finally, I just did it. You know when you're swimming and you get a whole bunch of water up your nose. Yeah it feels like that. Not pleasant. I'd rather not do it. However, if it works and gets rid of this post nasal drip, I'll give it a sure shit try.

*No I didn't video this little adventure for you. It's not an attractive thing to show. Although you can feel free to youtube up some gross Neti Pot videos. I can't watch them, cause I don't' like snot.


  1. But the ultimate question is did it work? Was the self-torture beneficial or did you just drown momentarily?

  2. I bought a neti pot a while ago and have only used it 3 times. I know it will be good for my sinuses and allergies but it feels like you are drowning. I need to get better at doing this so it won't be so awful. Good luck.


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