Sunday, April 05, 2009

What's really in the jar?

Last night, I marinated chicken, made a lovely salad, sliced some zucchini for grilling, and steamed some artichokes. YUM! While we were waiting for the artichokes to steam, we decided to have our salads. We seem to have accumulated a variety of salad dressings. One of the bottles in there was from a friend moving out of state. I decided it had been sitting in there long enough and we should actually use it. It said toasted sesame...sounded great. So I pour some on mine and Mario's salad. I take a little bite as I handed it to Mario. Then proceeded to walk back into the kitchen for a napkin. Then it hit...Holy Hell that is some spicy dressing! It did taste good but damn the burn. This couldn't really be a salad dressing. I started questioning if it was really dressing or a marinade. I got the bottle and sure enough it said marinade, but it also said great for salads and veggies...and no mention of spicy hot lava in there. We actually had to mix some ranch dressing in to calm the fire. Didn't work. This isn't someone just being whiny, I loves me some spicy. I love a nice burn. This was ridiculous. Poor mario, he doesn't quite have the chops for the fire. His eyes were watering and he couldn't get enough water...but he finished the salad.

Now what the hell was in the jar? The jar was completely full, but it was already opened. I don't remember ever opening it. The friend I got it from's husband is a chef. Who knows what he might have concocted. A warning note on the jar would have been nice. That's just not what you expect when you bite into a fresh salad. However, fire or not I'm using that to marinate some tritip. That's gonna be some good shit!

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