Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ADD Blogging

It sucks when you are thinking all day long about the salmon you have in the fridge, only to come home to find out that it's gone bad. To make things even worse, the next morning you realize that you forgot to throw the trash out the night before with said salmon.

Bob has developed some strange fascination with my bathing suit. After swimming, I'll hang it on the door knob to dry. I keep finding Bob all tangled in it and attacking it. Is it because it's red and Bob is red? Is it the chlorine? Just as long as he doesn't ruin it. Buying bathing suits isn't one of my favorite things to do.

I get gut feelings about Mario's crazy ex every once in a while and they usually come true. I'll get a feeling she's going to call, and then she does. Expect a text, and sure enough he gets one. We've been ignoring her calls and messages, hoping she gets the hint. Well, I've gotten the feeling she's found my blog. Not sure why, it's just one of those gut feelings. I've just had some odd search terms and she's been quiet lately. I think she's figured out we're married now and that's why she's finally leaving us alone. Woo hoo!

The nasty neighbors have been quiet. Well with the exception of the fight Sunday morning. They've been fairly well behaved. Maybe they read my blog and got the hint?


  1. GET THE FUCK OFF LAURA'S BLOG, YOU CRAZY-ASS BITCH! It's over, done, move the fuck on.

    You think that helps?

    Try hanging something else off the door knob to see if Bob wrestles with it.

  2. Aww I love you Ally!

    Totally thought you were telling me to get over my neighbors already and move the fuck on...duh

    I would put a bra up there but Dexter has claimed ownership of them all.


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