Thursday, April 23, 2009

InD'Anna Jones and the Temple of BBQ

Tonight we had Mario's family over for BBQ. It's Aunt Meg's last night here and then she's off to visit other family members.

I was in the kitchen making a yummy salad and some other sides, when all of a sudden there was blaring music from outside. Now Mario likes to create an ambiance when he ques, so there's always a little music playing and dancing going on. It adds a little flare to the food maybe? But this was some realy loud music. One of our neighbors had been playing some music earlier, but this was really loud and not his style. Finally I stopped to really listen to it.

It the soundtrack to Indiana Jones. That's so Mario. Apparently Mario was on a culinary journey in our backyard jungle(tomato plants). His geeky side was definitely showing. The fact that he had the soundtrack is one thing, but the fact that he was absolutely blasting it in our backyard is another. I was actually embarrassed. Our neighbors couldn't have loved this. So I snuck out to turn it down. He was bopping around in front of the cute but so nerdy!

Well, that extra pizazz must have worked because dinner was awesome! Later tonight he was working on a photo for facebook. The man loves turning movie moments into his own. Today's theme carried on. He put our faces on Indiana and Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's actually really cute...

He's having a theme night tonight...who knows maybe we'll do some Indiana Jones roll playing later?

Updated to add...Mario just corrected me on the actual name of the music. It's called "The Raider's March" GEEK!


  1. That photo is AWESOME!!!! Mario is a true talent.

  2. I will second that! I thought it was an actual picture.


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