Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mating Opossums?

Yesterday evening I decided to kick back a bit. I lit a fire in the fire pit and sat out on the back patio with my blanket and a book. It was a good time. I am tempted to do it again tonight. However, I washed all the blankets today and it would be dumb to get them all stinky again.

Anyho, during my nice relaxing evening, the Tadao decided to come over to do his laundry. He brought gifts. He brought us dinner...C3PO. Which is some strange concoction on chili, chicken, curry, and other things I don't want to know about. It's oddly tasty and free, so I don't question. He also brought laundry detergent. Yes, for him to use, but also a bottle for me. I got on his case last week about using up all my detergent. I don't mind people coming over and using my machines and soap. The thing is I like to be asked. I don't like to go out and start a load of laundry only to find out I'm out of soap. So last week when he was over doing laundry, I asked him if he was using my detergent. He thought he was sneaky and I hadn't figured out he was using my soap. So he got a little embarrassed. I told him he could use my detergent but he could only use the amount that the bottle suggested. It's a pet peeve of mine when people put in two cap loads, when it only says to use one. More soap doesn't mean cleaner clothes! The reason there are measurements on the cap, is because the manufacturer has figured out how much to use so that all the soap will be rinsed out in a cycle. If you add too much soap in, it's not all going to be rinsed out...making your clothes dirtier. Ok venting over. I must really scare him because he did bring over soap. I told him to just keep it here and he can use it when he needs.

So I was sitting outside reading. Tadao was nice enough to offer to bring out some of the C3PO to me. I thought, hell yeah I'll take him up on that. Hearing this, Mario yelled from inside the house to come in. I thought it was because I was being lazy out there, but Tadao ran inside. Then came back and yelled something about "mating opossums" in the front yard. Is that really the best way he could think of to get me off my ass? But then Tadao an back inside excited again. So I decided to follow. Mario, Tadao and Bob(cat) were all at the front door staring out. So there was something out there. I decided to take a look at these mating opossums and actually saw was they were looking at...a baby opossum. It was a like an ugly baby kitten with scary teeth. We don't know where he came from, but he was just hanging out on the grass. Of course when I stepped out to grab the cat...didn't want Bob messing with that guy. Bob decided that the opossum looked like he would be fun to play with. So Bob started doing drive-bys and just jumping around and scaring the shit out of this poor baby opossum. Bob's such a little jerk. The opossum was hissing at him. Dexter hisses at Bob all time, so I'm sure Bob thought that little guy was playing with him.

I decided to bring Bob inside and let the little guy be. When I realized that it would be a great story for the bloggy, I decided to go out and get a little photo of him. He was long gone. We have no idea where he went.

Would you believe that I actually considered trying to make him a pet for half a minute. His mom was no where around and Bob was having so much fun running around trying to play with him. Then I pictured him hissing again with his scary teeth and I shot that thought right down.

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