Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love..

when little old ladies where short pants, skirts, dresses...and you can see where their knee-highs end. Mario's Aunt Meg is visiting from New Zealand. I love Aunt Meg but can only understand half of what she's saying...thick Scottish accent plus living in New Zealand for 15 years. It's a little complicated at times. Meg makes a yearly pilgrimage to the states to visit friends and family for 4 months at a time. We knew she would be visiting in May. However, when sister-in-law called to say hello last weekend, she found out Meg would be here the following Tuesday. There were multiple people who knew she would be flying in, however, no one found it necessary to call the people who would be picking her up from the After some mad cleaning and rearranging, she's here safely and settled in.

Anyway, Meg is lots of fun and I couldn't help but get the giggles when I noticed her knee highs. I also got a good glimpse of them when she decided to do high kicks in the kitchen to prove to me how healthy she that's when I really wish I had the camera!

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  1. i love it when the "older" members of the family try to show off. my grandmother in taiwan who's 85 still climbs five flights of stairs to her apartment (no elevator), in addition to doing all kinds of exercises. she could totally kick my ass if she wanted to.


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