Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Have I Done?

More accurately what has my sister-in-law done?

My mother is a quilter. One of those obsessed, weekly group quilting classes, going to quilting shows, obsessed quilters. My sister and I joke that our inheritance is sitting all over my mother's sewing room. Seriously. I think there is more fabric in there than can actually be used in her lifetime.

A few weeks ago Angela(sister-in-law) and I decided that my mother should come down for a visit. However, I needed a good reason for mom to visit. With her house on the market, every time I tell her to come visit, she informs me that her house will be sold then and she'll be packing that weekend. I know...lame excuse. Who's avoiding me. Remembering there was a quilt show coming up, I mentioned to Angela that mom would find it very hard to refuse. Angela immediately goes to the computer and emails my mom the link to the show. Next thing we know plans are made and mom intends to come on down.

Now here is the problem. Angela looked up the quilt show. Angela emailed my mom. Will Angela be coming to the quilt show with us? No. Everyone has bailed on me. Even Mario, who is still in mother-in-law ass kissing mode, isn't going with me. He gives me this pitiful look when I mention the quilting show and says he'll miss me.

It will be me following my mother around, holding her shopping bags, reminding her to save a little inheritance money for her future grandchildren, while my sister calls and checks in with me to find out how much money my mother has spent. And even though my mother will try to cut a deal with me to keep my mouth shut to my sister. My sister will eventually find out, because who can really hide that much fabric?

I know it will be only one day of my life. However, the rest of the weekend will be spent looking at all the quilt photos she took and showing her how to load the photos onto her blog.

Thank you Angela for inviting my mother to visit you.

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  1. ya know if I wasn't packing every worldly posession I own into boxes I would have asked to go with you guys. I've been curious how quilting is done. Have fun :)


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