Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Normal!

I got my results back from my doctor about my CT Scan. The good news is that the results are normal.

It says the results of the scan on my head are normal. I obviously am taking it to say that I am normal in the head! I AM NORMAL the doctor said so!

I want to frame it and carry it around with me all the time and show everyone. Of course I scanned it in and it looks like shit. So as much as I'd love the entire interweb to see how normal I am...well I'm not sure that you can. However, I'd be happy to mail a copy to anyone interested.

PS...You'll notice it says I can make an appointment if I'd like to discuss the results. I think I will make an appointment to discuss the results of me not getting to see a photo of my brain.


  1. Glad to hear things are normal. I love that the doctor says you can make another appointment to discuss being normal (message decoded means: I am happy to discuss something you already know and take your co-payment from you for a few minutes of their time). Also love the idea of carrying it with you. You should laminate it and do crazy stuff to people. When they call you out on it and call you crazy, you say "nope, this says Im normal".

  2. I didn't get that... I just got a call with, "Your results are normal, which means there's nothing I can do and you have to see a neurologist."

    Hey, did you get a weird warm spot in the crotch area from the contrast saline? I totally did. Freaked the crap out of me and totally thought I peed on the table.

  3. I didn't get to do the contrast...even though I was supposed to. The tech and the doctor couldn't get the saline IV thing in. They felt guilty for puncturing me so much and gave up. So no warm crotch feeling for me...damn.

  4. The bruises on my wrists are fading still...now a nice light greeny yellow coloring

  5. I totally had the warm crotch feeling with all my CT's scans... my resident always made fun of me cause I had to check make sure that I hadn't peed my pants. Good times!


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