Friday, March 20, 2009

Emails From Mom

My mom cracks me up. So I have been thinking of starting an "Emails From Mom" section in here. (I should actually choose a different title because usually it's the instant messaging that cracks me up.) I have been waiting for the right email to come in from her. So when she sent me this email, I figured this is the perfect time to start. Here's her email. Short, sweet and to the point...

well girls,

your mother got nailed by the doctor so I went into the wc lab and got blood drawn.
you mother is very healthy.
cholesterol is 229 down from 278
hdl is 71 up from 55
lsl calculated is 130 down from 174
triglyceride is 141 down from 243

Keep up the drinking.....
you loving mother

"Keep up the drinking" is obviously my favorite part. She's pretty sure that all the wine she drinks is what is keeping her healthy. For those of you that were at my wedding, you know how much she loves her wine! I would say she was drinking when she sent this, however I know she sent it from work. I'm afraid to ask her what she means by "your mother got nailed by the doctor".

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  1. Your mom sounds hysterical. I wondered what the "nailed by the doctor" thing meant too. If you find out, you must let us know :)


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