Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can You Be This Relaxed?

I was just reading a blog and she mentioned that her visit to the dentist was the most relaxing hour she'd had in a while. At first I immediately thought "What!?". Then it reminded me of a time when I was at my dentist office in high school. Our family has gone to the same dentist since my mom was in college. So I grown up with Dr. Liu. It's a comfortable visit usually. Except that he has no problem giving us shit. "Well this would hurt so much if you'd just floss your damn teeth" and "oh I heard you did this". Couldn't get away with anything.

One Saturday morning after a late night, was our six month visit to our favorite dentist. I was exhausted and Dr Liu was feeling generous, so he let me just be mellow. He let me relax instead of giving me lots of crap and forcing me to talk with his hands in my mouth(I personally think he loved that shit). I was just laying enjoying myself in the comfy chair. When I realize Dr. Liu talking to me. There is a slight urgency to his voice. Then I finally hear him. "Loosen up a bit, loosen up. Laura let go of my hand" I immediately let go. Then went back into my stupor.

Is it really possible to be that relaxed at the dentist? So relaxed in fact, that you could be biting someones hand and not even realize it?

Yes, yes you can. So I fully understand how that was the most relaxing hour she'd had in a while.

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  1. I am physically relaxed in those chairs but mentally I don't think I am. I could fall asleep in those chairs. I want one in the back patio for relaxing in.


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