Friday, March 27, 2009

My Mother Has Landed

Yeah she made it to town yesterday evening. Have I ever told you that my family doesn't visit with just a bag a clothes? No. My mother will only be here until Sunday morning, but she brought all of her mail with her from the last month. Why? She also brought all the magazines from her house. To read in between going through her mail? She brought groceries. That's fine.

She even brought quilt patterns with her. A lot of them. No she will not be doing any actual quilting while here. She was just so excited about her patterns she wanted me to see them. She will no doubt be buying a lot more. And I'll have to look at those also.

She did bring girl scout cookies for me though. She loves me. She also brought 8 bottles of wine with her...I told you she loves her wine.

Like I said, she'll only be here until Sunday morning.

(I should have posted a before and after photo...she's like a tornado hitting our little apartment)

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