Sunday, March 08, 2009

How does it happen without you knowing?

I was sick a few weeks back. I'm 99% all better, a little lagging cough is left. However, you know when you are pretty much finished being sick, but you wake up in the morning and your chest feels a little heavy. Like everything has settled in your chest during the night. I woke up one morning last week and just couldn't breath very well. It was a mystery. I had been feeling better for the last few days, so this was a little disconcerting. Then I woke up a little more, opened my eyes and realized that there was an orange cat laying on my chest. Well I dumped Bob off of me. Problem solved...deep sigh of relief.

Here's my concern though. Bob has always been like velcro. He's always following and laying near me. God forbid I actually go to the bathroom without him. He's actually called the potty police. However, lately I've noticed him more in my face. I lay on the couch and he's laying in my lap or on my back. Now I'm waking up with him laying on me sleeping while I sleep. If I'm on the computer he wants to be on my lap or on my shoulder.

It's not just that, but now he knocks on the front door when he wants in or out. We have a cat door to the backyard. They have been more than happy to use that for the last two years. Well, now if he wants out the front door, he wants out the front door. How dare we expect him to walk around and come in the back door. Last night our friends left and Bob went out front for a while. The second that I got into bed was the moment he wanted to come in. No shit, as soon as my head hit the pillow, Bob sat outside our bedroom window meowing to be let in. So I actually got my butt out of bed and let him I wish I had gotten my ear plugs in sooner.

Now my question is...when did I become Bob's bitch? How do you get sucked in to that role without even knowing?! For those of you who know me, was it as subtle as it seemed or have I just been oblivious?


  1. It's when you're too far in do you realize how accommodating you've been. Maybe it's something in the air, Bowie's been in my face nonstop too. He cries outside my bathroom door when I'm trying to go.

  2. Maybe Bob is afraid of the ghost in your bathroom.


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