Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I had every intention of just sitting in front of my computer working my tush off yesterday...mixed in with a little Farm Town on Facebook of course. However, those plans were thwarted the hubbs. His friends from way back when, were in town and he had invited them over for a BBQ last night. I love when he does that to me!(she says dripping with sarcasm)

My computer time quickly turned into "clean this f'ing house quick" Our house was a decent size disaster and we had no idea when they'd be coming over. I'm actually impressed how quickly and thoroughly we got this place together. Have I told you how much I love my steamer mop...yeah it's love. I'm one of those people who's gotta have this place clean if people are coming over. Even the people that are over here all the time don't see this place too bad.

Anyway, We had a great time. I finally got to meet some of Mario's friends from the past. John, Naomi, and their two kids, Ethan, and Savannah came over. They were a lot of fun. The kids were awesome and had a wicked sense of humor. John and Naomi were so nice and fun. We all sat around the fire pit and talked for hours. It was a nice evening, with great people and great food...Mario nailed dinner.

Tonight we're going to have dinner with them again. Also, tonight will be my introduction to "Medieval Times". I have to admit I'm nervous. It's a big theme restaurant with a show going on while you eat. There are a king and Queen, and we have a knight. The knights will be jousting and riding around. The worst part...no utensils. I like utensils. I do hear it's tons of fun...I'm sure that will make up for the no utensils. However, wish me luck, Mario says he'll be heckling the knight from the other team. Should be an interesting night!

PS I'll take photos.
PPS Melissa and Courtney...Mario's friends are from Grants Pass. Do you know any John or Naomi Bell?


  1. number one: I can't believe you have never been to Medieval Times! It's definitely super entertaining!!

    Number two: Unfortunately I don't know them... that would be weird if I did though! ... It's a small work after all.... haha :)

  2. Hello there. It's been a while since I have read your blog as I took a bloggy break. I too love the steam mop, they are great for all the salt stains we get on wood floors in the winter time. The Medieval dinner should be good. I have been to a Medieval festival and had a great time. Have fun.

  3. Awwww, have fun popping your medieval times cherry!


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