Friday, March 06, 2009

Pink or Blue?

No I'm not pregnant. Yesterday was our friend Dave's birthday (husband to Colleen, who I sometimes talk about here on the ol' bloggy).

The evening started out with us going to dinner at the "Pink Taco"...oh yes it is called that. When you walk in there's a sign that says "Eating out has never tasted so good!" funny! It's one of those hip little places in LA. It was pretty fun and dang good food. Colleen and I couldn't decide what we wanted. So we split the shrimp and Lobster tamales with a chipotle brandy cream sauce. There was definitely some moaning going on. We also had a tequila sipper. I'm so not a tequila person but Pear Vanilla so so good and smooth. They make it themselves there so we're going to try to figure out how to make it.

After stuffing ourselves, we slowly made our way to the theater for the midnight movie. In preparation for his birthday Dave bought tickets for a midnight viewing of "The Watchmen" like two months ago. He was pretty excited to see the movie...I on the other hand had no idea what the movie was. Geek alert! It was a comic book movie, so there were lots of people hooting and hollering during the exciting parts of the movie. I didn't know any of the background of the movie but it ended up being really good. The one really big conversation piece after the movie? The glowing blue guy's willy. Apparently he was very unconcerned about showing his flaccid crank. However, I was a little confused. Sometimes he'd wear a suit, sometimes underwear, and most times, nothing at all. Why wear undies sometimes and not others...why? The blue willie is novel at first but then distracting later. Anyway, it was a good movie, even if it was 3 hours long.

We had a great time. It was an evening of body parts. Pink taco's and blue weiners...what could be better?

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