Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Should Organize for a Living

So all of that good intention from the new year actually got me somewhere. I might have slept until 10:30am...I know bad, but I actually got my shit together! I worked for a few hours finishing up some work that's been sitting around. Then some bug got up my butt and I started in on all that organizing I've been wanted to do. I have organized and purged. Although because of my last years resolution of using what I have, it was more organizing than purging. I got under the kitchen and bathroom sink. I got all of the baskets in the bathroom. The cabinet in the bathroom is so high, I just keep everything in baskets. Then I can just pull down a basket. I also went through all of our cookware and cabinets in the kitchen. One thing I learned...don't trust us with your tupperware. Don't lend it to us, because we will absolutely not return it. However, now that you's your own fault if you lend it to us and don't get it back!

I feel like I'm really only half way finished, but I think reorganizing the cabinets was a lot of the problem. Tomorrow I'll hit the bedroom and go through our clothes and closets. Which sounds like a lot, but I tend to hit those a few times a year and the last time wasn't all that long ago.

I kinda feel a little re-energized. I always feel so much better when things are all in place around me. Makes my thinking clearer...maybe it's a feng-shui thing? Either way I'm a happy girl! woo hoo...finally gettin my shit together!


  1. I'm impressed... will you fly out here and take care of my house? Bring Bob with you.

  2. Maybe you can get Bowie to organize your house for soybeans! That would be pretty awesome.


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