Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mars and I were at Target picking up some necessaries today. I noticed that they were already setting up the lawn chairs and gazebos in the store...I love trying out all the new backyard seating! Just as I was trying my first seat, I remembered that I needed to run back and pick something up. Knowing Mario loves this area even more than I do, I told him to hang out and I'd run back and get what I needed. After a quick detour through the clothes, I was back pretty quick. Next to Mario was a very inviting little seat, it looks like a nice respectful well made chair...well it wasn't. As soon as my cheeks hit the cushion, I immediately felt the chair going back farther than it should. There was no stopping it! Arms flailing out trying to grab onto the chairs around to slow the fall, on the slick floor they only scattered. I heard myself yell "OH SHIT!" Then I flipped ass over head backwards out of the chair.

I was laying on the floor laughing my ass off. Of course Mario was obviously embarrassed. He was half pulling me, half dragging me by one arm trying to get me off the ground. From my angle on the ground, I then noticed that the chair was totally put together wrong! I was no help, just laying there laughing. What was a relatively empty area previously, was now full of a crap load of people just staring at me. If they weren't going to help, they could have at least giggled with me in appreciation of the entertainment I was providing!

I spent the remainder of the shopping trip giggling and reliving the "OH SHIT!" in my head. I wonder how loud I yelled that...hehe


  1. I would've LMAO and helped you. Because that's the kind of fine citizen I am.

  2. I totally felt you falling backwards and found myself laughing at the same time. Target has horrible customer service so I would have used that to get some free stuff out of them ;)


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