Monday, January 12, 2009

Confidence Boost

My productiveness is still I got my shit together and got my eyebrows waxed. Can I tell you, I needed those babies waxed something bad! Besides going to the eye doctor and getting my haircut, I LOVE getting my eyebrows waxed! I know...very weird. For something that inflicts pain, it sure relaxes me.

I had found this great pedicure shop three years ago when I lived near Woodland Hills. One day after a pedicure, I was desperate and got my brows waxed there. The lady was awesome. This wasn't some back room extra. She was a pro. She's taken all the classes on skin care and knew the name of my skin problem, rosacea(red cheeks), right off the bat. Plus she wears a doctors coat...she's gotta be a professional if she's got the white coat! So anyways, she was awesome. She did my brows right and I always walked out with a scalp massage.

One day I showed up to get the brows done and someone else came out to take me to the back. I started getting nervous. When we got to the room, it was empty of her stuff. All that was there was a make-shift waxing room. I stopped in the doorway. Today was not the day to be testing eyebrow waxers. It was two days before our wedding and we had stopped on the way up to Santa Barbara specifically to see my favorite waxer. I didn't really have much of an option. I went in and figured, the makeup artist could fix me if I needed. Don't worry, this isn't some wedding nightmare story. It actually went well and I sure needed that 10 minutes to lay still and relax before the wedding.
However, now it seemed silly for me to drive half an hour for a wax if it wasn't my favorite lady. So today I finally decided to look for a local eyebrow waxer. We've been walking past a little shop on the way to my second favorite sushi place. Since I was in desperate need and I was so close, I took the gamble and came out with some nice brows!

Why this long blog about eyebrow waxing? Because, I can not be stopped when my brows are nice and waxed. I'm a bad-ass. My confidence is high and I feel good when the brows are pretty. My sister used to have a pair of shoes that used to pump her up. Her stride got longer, her shoulders went back, and her boobs stuck out a little more. What's your confidence trigger?

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  1. Woohoo! Those are some damn sexy eyebrows. I had mine threaded once, also by my pedicurist and even though I specifically told her I was growing out my brows (I had a habit of over plucking them), half of them were gone and they suddenly resembled sperm. Yeah, never had them done again.

    I love my pedicurist, I won't go to anyone else but her, but she sucks at everything else. I once went to see her for a massage (she gives fabulous foot rubs, why not a massage, I thought) and not only was the massage awful, but she wedged her cup of oil in my ass. IN MY ASS, people. She couldn't have used a table?


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