Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh oh oh it's magic...

Last night we went to the magic castle. For those of you not from around here, it's an old mansion in Hollywood, turned awesome club for magicians. There are rules, regulations, and dress codes, but we always have a great time. Because there are no photos allowed inside, this is the only photo I got. I really wanted a group photo but that didn't happen...

This is the second husband of Colleen and I...Happy Birthday lady! We are in the process of training him, but he cleans up well and can be very charming. Colleen and I are taking applications for girlfriends.

Tonight was the highly anticipated seance of Houdini! We have been wanting to see this since forever and we finally got it together. So, we got dressed up, ladies in dresses and men in suits, said the secret password and entered through the sliding bookcase...for real. We went up to the Houdini Room and had our seance. It was cheeserific for sure with some really cool things thrown in. I wrote the name of someone who has passed away and five people still alive on a piece of paper. The "spirit guide" of the medium was to pick the one name who had passed away. Well, he got it correct. It was all crazy with table lifting off the ground and things flying off the walls. Crazy stuff, but all good fun.

Then we headed off to one the bars to have a nice drink and chat. We didn't get to see Irma...the piano playing ghost. She's a blast! Throw out songs and she'll play...try to stump her, it's not easy. We did end up seeing a few quick shows. Fun-ny. Two older men, both with a wicked sense of humor and family in the audience heckling them. They were really great fun. We wanted to stay for a third show but had to take off. We had someone who had to drive over an hour home and another asshole who has to get up bright and early and drive up to Big Bear tomorrow morning to shoot.

It's almost one in the morning and I"m still awake, I'm never going to make it tomorrow! I'm one of those people who needs her sleep. I'm also on a jacked up sleep schedule that doesn't like getting up early. So Big Bear tomorrow will be a big long drag. I'm mucho better with my sleep. So I might as well give it a try, talk to you all tomorrow!

Have fun at Disneyland tomorrow Colleen and Happy Birthday again!


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