Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY

The good...I have finished that second bottle of the shitty body wash! WOO HOO! However, now I have this mystery third bottle of shitty body wash. Since I really don't know where it came from and who put it there, I can't decided if I want to use it or pawn it off on someone else. I feel like I deserve to not to have to use it. I've put up with two bottles of that stuff.

Someone nice gave us a Bath and Body gift certificate for our wedding and we finally put some of it to use. What was the first thing I picked up? Pretty smelling, smooth, no shitty bead body wash. It's been sitting on the sink waiting for me to finish up with that shitty stuff and I can't wait! So I have until tomorrow morning to decide if I should be a martyr and use the shitty stuff or just move on to the good stuff.

The Bad...I ran out of my eyelid shampoo. What's a girl to do? I figured it's gone, whatever. I don't really know if I need it really. I saw it in the pharmacy for $20. It did last for 3 months, but I don't know if it's worth the cost.

The Ugly...So this birth control is making me break out...a lot. I feel like I'm back in high school. The migraines have been back since Christmas. So if I'm not getting the benefit of life without migraines, then why should I put up with the break outs? Add to that, waking up on Friday morning with a big stye on my eye! My eye was swollen and red. What the crap is going on with me! This morning that stye was going away, but then I noticed a new stye on my other eye. Crap.

Looks like I do need that eyelid shampoo...


  1. I saw regift the shitty bodywash in a gift basket among other items -- be sure to hide it in the back, behind everything to someone who doesn't read your blog. Or donate it to a women's shelter. They're always in need of soap, shampoo & feminine products.

    What the hell is eye shampoo? And if you have a cyst, you probably need it. Just kidding, my husband has the same issue. He has super long and thick eyelashes and bacteria always get lodged in it, so he's prone to cysts. He was prescribed an ointment for it.

    Ask your doctor for a low estrogen birth control pill, like Loestrin. It's been known to lessen migraines and acne breakouts.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I meant, "you should regift the bodywash". Ugh, trying to comment and make lunches is kind of difficult.

  3. Yeah when I my doctor said I needed eye lid shampoo, I about fell over laughing. I really didn't think it was doing anything. Apparently it's like chapstick. Once you use it, you can't stop or it comes back worse. I'm already addicted to the chapstick, I can't afford to be addicted to the eyelid shampoo! I have only ever gotten one or two styes in my entire life and now two over the weekend. Eyelid shampoo...what a stupid thing to need!

  4. My husband's doctor recommended these over the counter eyelid wipes. I bet they're cheaper?

    FYI- I followed your lead and gave my dog a bath with... my old thermasilk heat activating shampoo. Not only is his coat silky smooth, but he smells terrific. You should try your beaded body wash on Bob.


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