Thursday, January 29, 2009


I drove way out to beautiful Ojai today, to almost be attacked by this monster dog! I was photographing a home for one of my favorite realtors. The realtor had walked up to the house to let the owner know that we were there taking photos. The owner was great. She was funny and goofy. The realtor and her were talking and even though I was pretty far back, they had left the front door open and I could see her dancing around and being funny. Well, her big dog took the opportunity to come out to check me out.

Now I was raised with a bunch of big dogs...but they were golden retrievers. They wouldn't hurt anyone. Luckily when I was in high school, I worked for a grooming shop and learned that not all dogs are nice. I was bitten so many times by poor scared dogs. Of course also by a couple of mean nasty dogs.

So I see this big dog walking towards me. The hair on the back of his neck is standing up and his tail is all poofed out. He was also walking with his head down and staring right at me. I had the feeling that his hair doesn't usually look like that. Now I was about 50 yards away from the front door. So I knew that no one could jump out to grab him, if he jumped at me. He walked right up to me and was growling really low. I froze and tried to be as zen as possible. He started to relax a bit, so I put my hand down towards my side so he could sniff it. Wrong move, he started growling even louder. I froze and waited for the bite. He sniffed me for what seemed like forever. Then he started walking back for the house. He kept a very close eye on me pretty much the rest of the time. He might have relaxed but I sure as hell wasn't going to trust him. My favorite part though, was when I walked up to the door. He was eying me again. His owner says,"Oh don't worry about him. He might bark a little but he's the sweetest dog you'll meet"...bullshit! That dog wasn't nice. He was putting me in my place. The way he was acting, I'm actually surprised I didn't get bit. I was ready for it!

In more serious news...

I totally talked myself into just breaking into the bottle of the yummy smelling, SMOOTH body wash. When I just went to take a shower tonight, I forgot that I had opened the good shit. It was like a surprise all over again! It was dreamy! I know, I know...lame. I figure this makes gift giving for Mario a little easier. At this point, he could totally get me smooth body wash and he'd get laid.

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