Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't You Just Hate It...

When you're driving through the school zone in your neighborhood and some clown is going sooo slow in front of you. After a block, you can't take it any more. So you use the oncoming traffic lane to pass them...I know double-yellow, but they were driving really slow! Then it turns out that the slow driver ends up following you all the way to your block...and then they follow you right up to your garage...and park in the garage next door...because they are your neighbor! Then you have to perfectly judge your departure from the garage so you don't run into them, because you knew that you were driving like an asshole.

Yeah I don't know how that feels either. I couldn't get out of my garage fast enough to tell my neighbor that he was driving like a punk. First, it wasn't too long after school had gotten out. Second, I was already probably going faster than I should have been in that area, but that jerk went flying around me like nothing. Then he ran like a little girl inside when he realized it was me.

I already don't like that guy...this just puts the icing on the cake! Jerk!


  1. Hahahahahahaha!

    The last time that happened to me, I scraped the other car's bumper while passing her and didn't realize it because of my big ass mommy mobile. Then she followed me all the way to my son's school and parked right behind me, came out and angrily informed me I had scraped her precious car.

  2. Actually I did rear-end some lady across town, only to find out that she lived two blocks away. I followed her all the way home because I had to. When she called my insurance and told them that she couldn't drive home and had to call an ambulance, I totally called her out.


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