Monday, October 20, 2008

Science Based Lid Hygiene

One thing Mario didn't want people to think when we decided to marry on such short notice, was that it was for his awesome health insurance. I told him not to worry, everyone would be thinking I was pregnant.

But honestly his health insurance is another one of those really nice benefits of marrying him. Being a story board artist means that he is covered by the Motion Picture Health insurance...hello good stuff.

That being said, in the last month I have had all the necessary doctor visits and other fun appointments. Woo hoo. And today I went to the optometrist. I might be one of those strange people who loves going to the eye doctor. Being a photographer, even when I didn't have health insurance, I made sure I had my eyes checked out by a professional. My eyes are important to being a photographer, besides I love looking for my next pair of fun fun. The more people giving me opinions the better. I had Mario and two of the employees helping...the only time I like attention on me.

This optometrist office was really great...I could even say they were my favorite so far. No bad breath, no funny breathing through the nose topped with a nose whistle...yes I have had doctors with these problems. The doctor was great. He works with a lot of industry people and while I'm not in the industry, he did talk to me as a photographer. He even told me that photographers tend to take less time to examine because they are a lot more aware of sharpness and all that fun stuff. He made sure I had any information I might need as a photographer and answered all of my ridiculous questions...and I ask a lot of them. I turned totally geeky when they were taking photos of my optical nerve...disgusting and awesome all at the same time. I was checking out the Polaroids and talking lenses. I couldn't get a copy of my eye photo, but that may be too personal for the interweb anyway.

So here's my news. I have a small growth on my eye called Pterygium (this was part of the reason I did visit). No I don't have some disgusting growth covering my eye, most people don't even notice it. Just something I happened to notice while gazing into my own eyes one day. No biggy, it's because my eyes are too dry. I just need drops and we'll keep an eye on it (yesirree I got that covered)

Now because of my lack of tear production, which I had no idea was a problem. I was told that I would be sent home with eye lid shampoo....hysterical laughing. Then realizing he is serious. What!? Is there really such a thing as eye lid shampoo? Why yes, there is such thing. I was also told it is very conditioning to my lids and lashes...Come-on still weird. I spent the rest of my appointment with random giggles at the thought of Eye Lid Shampoo. Are these things that happen as you get older?

...Science Based Lid Hygiene...kills me!

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  1. Oh the eye doctor! Definitely my favorite doctor and the only one I visit like I'm supposed to... actually I bug my mom to see him more but she always assures me that one every two years is all I get. So I guess I'll believe her for now... Crazy Lady! But when I was little I had a optometrist named Dr. Burpee (I also had a dentist name Dr. Payne... really nice guy, really bad name!) I think the best optometrist visit was actually when I tagged along with my sister (yes.. I tag along on other visits because I love it so much!) and her doctor talked profusely into a tape recorder.. SO hard not to laugh!!


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