Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have ears for Obama!

I promise that I won't blog on and on about my optometrist appointment but it was a good appointment and at that appointment I received a sign.

I was sitting in the chair in the doctor's office facing a mirror. I had pretty much finished scoping out everything in the office and was now left looking at myself in the mirror. I checked out my hair, checked for boogers, and made sure everything was in it's place. It was then that I noticed my ears, they really stick out. Holy crap they stick out. How could I not have noticed before. How did it take me 32 years to notice how far my ears stick out. I'm surprised my sister has never made fun of them. I have Obama ears.

Now I know that Obama is the one for me. And maybe not only was he sent here to be our next president (fingers crossed) but maybe he was also sent to make me aware of my sticky outy ears. I'm ok with my ears, it was just shocking to finally notice this. It was when I turned my head to get a better look at these ears, that I realized that those weren't my ears but the headrest on the chair sticking out past my head...What a dip-shit! Yeah that's why I never noticed before.

This story of my idiocy would never see the light of day, except that I feel like it was a sign(or a way of me turning something dumb I did, into something smart). Either way I was reminded who the presidential candidate for me is...Obama.

PS notice how even when I pull my ear out, it's still small...duh! Also, anyone interested in my Pterygium, you can see it as that little pink spot close to the pupil in my left eye...cause I know you all want to see it.

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