Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Swimming With Sharks?

I was to lazy yesterday to post. I got all of my photos ready and then couldn't bring myself to put them online. Life is tough! We started the day very early and headed over to Blue Dolphin boat trips. We had a blast! It was a great big catamaran with a really fun crew of cute was even a former Mr Hawaii. Any single ladies out there would be very smart to hang out on this boat. They were very fun and accommodating and are amazingly good at carrying mai tais while on a rolling boat. We were impressed! So we headed down the Napoali Coast (yeah I told you it was the forbidden coast but it's not...I lied. We actually cruised past a privately owned island that you need permission to step foot on...kinda cool and mysterious). It was pretty calm and very beautiful. We headed a few hours north up the coast. Wonderful. They pointed out a bunch of movie spots and historical areas. Then we headed back south a little to do about an hours worth of snorkeling. The water was so clear. The captain made sure to point out that this would be to our advantage...then you can see the shark coming at you. Thanks but that was no help. I am so facinated by sharks but don't feel the need to run into one in the wild. However, once I got in, I didn't want to get out. Once we were out of the water, lunch was served and mai tais...woo hoo. After lunch we headed back full was rough and bouncy and everyone outside the cabin was soaked. However, everyone inside was a little icky from being tossed around. It was all fun for the most part. You know that feeling when you are on a roller coaster and your tummy flips, well I had this feeling all the way back. Fun at first but gets old quick. reguardless, this was one of the better boat tours I've been on. Here are a few photos...

This photos is one of the first shots I got of the Napoli Coast. That valley in between those two mountains was where Jurassic Park was filmed...I was pretty excited about that.

This is us at the front of one of the pontoons on the catamaran. The cute boat helper guys kept asking if they could take our photo. Which is good for you, then you don't have to look at the same photo where I hold the camera out and take our photo.

This photo I took for mom. This is the cave where Elvis stood inside on a little island and sung "Blue Hawaii" for the movie.

This is a little water fall that the boat pulled right up under and soaked us. I saw it coming but it was still fun. Just after the guys took all of our photos, they said congratulations you've just been under the falls of fertility. The hawaiian men used to bring their future wives and run them under the falls the night before their wedding to ensure a large healthy family. Of course there was a smaller fall further back and they told us that those were the falls of birth control.

This is one of the last spots the original hawaiians inhabited on the island. It's actually where they would bury the bones of the royalty and also where Harrison Ford has filmed a number of movies.

This is my first attempt at putting video on here goes. This was exciting. While we were cruising along we had all these dolphins come up and start swimming along the boat...

The area behind Mario by the cliffs is the spot where we went snorkeling.

We went back home to fall asleep on the couch watching Tuesday's debate. Put me right to sleep. I woke up and we ended the day with a swim in the pool. Just as we switched to the hot tub, it started raining. It poured for about 5 minutes. It was so refreshing and fun to sit in a warm tub with the cool rain.

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  1. Very very jealous of your trip. I am dying to swim with sharks or even see them up close in the wild. Your pics are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words. Hope to hear from you again soon.


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