Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day Four...The Jungle

So here is yesterday's photos. To go on the Blue Dolphin for half price the day before (which was very necessary for us to go) we had to sign up to go see a timeshare...dread. It wasn't too bad because we were fed and walked around and ate some more. However, we were there longer than we had anticipated...of course.

After the timeshare we had already planned to drive to the north shore. I have known from the minute we got here that I wanted to drive north. I just knew that I would love it...not sure how but I knew. And I was right. It was amazing. Of course it's the pricier part of the island. I'm assuming because everyone wants to live there. It's the true idea of what you would think Hawaii would look like. It's all lush, green and jungle. Yes Jungle, like vines hanging down and plants taking over everything. It is dreamy up there! I would move right in if I could. It feels a lot more secluded (although drive ten minutes south and you're back in touristville). There is also a store up there in Princeville called Big Save...also known as Big Rip around here because of there $10 gallon of milk. Yowza!

Since we didn't leave as early as anticipated we didn't plan on swimming just exploring. There is only one main road on the island and we are smack dab in the middle. So it's less than an hour back north. We are going to head back up there today for sure. There are really beautiful beaches up there...ok all over the island, but we're headed back up to snorkel and swim and lots more photo taking. Here are some photos...

Of course I got my photo taken in the murmaid, but come0n what's funnier than a murmaid with a beard...

I had read about this dry cave...luckily we accidentially ran into it. This is a cave that was used when the hawaiian tribes would fight with other tribes. Way at the back and now covered with about 10 feet of sand, is a hole into another room. When the men knew they were going off to fight, they would put all the women, children and elders in that room and roll a boulder in front of it to hide and protect them. Well if they came back and let them out...if they lost they were never let out. They figured they were better off all dying rather than being taken by the other tribe and killed.

Here is showing how big it is. Mario likes to think it is his new man cave...look how excited he is. If you look at the photo above you can see a little bit of the jungle that is around.

We walked across the street to the beach. There were a bunch of people camping...not sure if it is permanent or not. But come on it's incredible there!

Here is the area where we'll go snorkeling...Can't wait!

I loved this. It's the same as above just a little farther to the right. Now look at the little tent. I love it. I want to camp right there.

This is a shot in the other direction on the beach. I circled something on there for you...Just as we got down to the shore, there was a group of 8 people or so getting in the water. They were all circled around something like a raft or who knows what. They started swimming out and then a few yards behind them was a guy swimming and pulling a big red ice chest behind him. What were they doing and where do they think they are going? An ice chest...I considered that maybe they would be free diving and would put their catch in the ice chest...then I thought who am I kidding, it's full of beer.

I just loved this boat. Trecked excitedly across the sand to take a photo and then realized I'd have to walk all the way back...

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