Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day 2...

Stranded on an island in the pacific...It's been another amazing day. LAZY with lots of swimming thrown in. After a long morning of extra lazy we finally decided to pick up our snorkel gear. Then we headed to this lagoon area to practice a bit, because tomorrow we are going out on a big catamaran for snorkeling and exploring the forbidden coast! There is really only one highway on this island and it only goes about 80-90% around the island. Not sure why...but the area you can't get to by car is apparently called the forbidden coast.

So we are heading out early. We need to check in at 7am and then we'll be off. It should be a blast. I haven't ever gotten sea sick, but I'm not chancing it. I bought some meds and I'm taking them first thing tomorrow. It's going to be a 5 and a half hour trip. So we'll come back exhausted, probably burned, and with tons of photos. Of course, I brought my whole camera set-up, lenses, camera, cards, battery charger...and no battery. What a bonehead! Luckily I brought my fun little beat up point and shoot camera. We also picked up an underwater camera. So despite my forgetfulness, we've covered all the bases. I can't wait!

In between the lazies, I took a few more photos...mostly so mom can see what her timeshare looks like on Kauai but also because it's beautiful and I apparently like rubbing it in that we are here and you are there...we's mean. Here are a few...

After this I'll stop photographing the lounge chairs...but they are fun. Anyways, we were thinking about going to this beach with a lagoon. It sounded fun and when we picked up the snorkel gear, the shop owner told us it was a good spot to start out. We pulled up and jumped right in. It was awesome. It's a man made lagoon, so it's protected from the big surf. It was warm and pretty empty because it was a little late. So we geared up and went in. There were tons of beautiful fish in there and they all come at you looking for food. Let me tell you, they are a lot bigger than I expected. I didn't take any photos but we are going back, so I'll take a bunch of photos for you.

On the way home we stopped and got some dinner...not so good. I think the problem was that we stopped off at this awesome little food stand yesterday. It was "The Shrimp Stand". I got the cajun shrimp and mario got the shrimp burger...the.best.food! So the problem with dinner tonight was that, it wasn't from the shrimp stand. My consolation was getting back in the hot tub. I love hot tub...next to the ocean.

Happy Hot Tub People!

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