Saturday, October 04, 2008

Are there Spiders in Hawaii?

It's six am. No I didn't get up early...I'm still awake from last night! I thought these nights were over in college, but no. I still have these long nights every once in a while as a business owner. Now's when I wish I had hired someone already and could make them do this work. However, I shouldn't complain. I am working late now, so that I don't have to work this week because...I'll be in Hawaii on my honeymoon! Woo Hoo! Although I'll be doing a little bit of work, hopefully to be finished on the plane. But who cares if I have to work a little, I'll be in Hawaii!

In other news, Mario killed spiders today. 2 black widows outside, a little guy running around inside, and some other I'm sure very threatening bug thing outside. I'm very proud of him. However, I'd be more than happy if he'd just get the ones I need him to get, rather than going on some bug killing spree. Can't complain, he did good.

Anyways, as I finished typing this, I finished the work I needed to finish before we leave for HAWAII! I'm going to sleep until 10, then quick shower and we're off to LAX(hate lax but if it will take me to hawaii I'll go). Depending how lazy or vacationed out I am, I'll be posting some photos. Crap it's light out. I don't like going to bed when it's light out, but I'll take any sleep at this point. Talk to you all later!

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