Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer Product Review

I figured because I went on and on about the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer love, I should tell you how it went. I got over the fear, as that bottle was sitting on my desk daring me to use it. Let me tell you one of the main benefits of working from home... being able to randomly decided that right now is the time to clean the shower. I grabbed that bottle of Mega Foamer and walked straight into the shower and started foaming.

First let me veer off a little and tell you one of the best pieces of advice that I received from my father. The man didn't have lots and lots of advice, but the few pieces he threw out there were right on target and are now held close to my heart. This one is probably very very common. If you're going to clean the bath or shower, the easiest way to clean it is to get naked and get in. You are going to get wet and soapy anyway. So his thinking was get naked, clean the shower, and then just finish with your regular shower. I always clean the shower like this. It's just easier. And do you know, his advice was reinforced as I stepped fully clothed into the shower and started coating the shower and me in Mega Foam.

I coated the shower and waited the two minutes suggested. Here is where I'll start my pros and cons. First, this shit smells so good! Sweet and lemony goodness. That good smell by itself sold it to Colleen. Now I know about gravity and such, but I kinda thought the foam would stay up on the wall a little longer. However, it's a thick foam and it started making it's way down the wall pretty quickly. One thing I did notice, how stinking loud those bubbles were. It made me think it was really working. By the end of the two minutes I jumped in quick to rinse off. I was a little bummed because as the foam slid down the wall, the top of the shower was drying quickly and it actually looked more soap scummy. I rinsed and started feeling a little better. The soap that had dried at the top rinsed right off. I left for a while to let the shower dry a little before I gave it a full look-over.

My's pretty decent. I was initially a little disappointed when I went back in to check the dry shower. There was more soap scum there then I wanted. However, once I got past thinking of the Scrubbing Bubbles as super heroes, I thought more realistically about it. Really, it did pretty well considering that I sprayed the shit on, waited two minutes, no scrubbing, then rinsed it off. I'm not making excuses here but, I hadn't cleaned the shower for a few weeks. So there was a pretty nice layer of soap scum on there. Colleen suggested spraying it again to see how it does with a second hit. One major con, there really is only one use in that bottle. However, there was enough in there for a quick second hit on one spot. When I checked that second spot it looked pretty good. So assuming I did this weekly, I'd have a pretty good looking shower.

At $3, the one time use bottle is more expensive than my regular $1.50 bottle of bleachy shower cleaner. However, how much is your time worth? It was a five minute time investment and no real work. I would definitely use it again. If anything keep a bottle around for those last minute shower hit when you have guests coming over and the shower is a mess.

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