Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crack Pot Cooking Recipe II

Mario is very proud of his cooking and isn't intimidated by any food product. I can throw anything at him to cook up. Having cooked it before or not, he'll make something great from it. And while he loves cooking and creating, nothing makes Mario happier than feeding people. I know that while he's cooking he's calling everyone around to come over for the feast. The man doesn't cook in small quantities and we routinely have people over for diner a couple of times a week.

That being said, last night was round two cooking with our lovely new "crack pot". After so much bragging and detailing of the last meal we made with the crack pot, we decided to invite our friends over to join. We had thought about this all week and came up with BBQ pork spareribs. We hit Costco yesterday to do a tiny bit of shopping for this week...not too much because we are headed to Hawaii next weekend! Woo Hoo! However, we knew we could get a good amount of ribs for a decent price. This was necessary because we knew that we would have a couple of bottomless pits over for dinner.

We came home and Mars got right to work. He kosher salt, pepper, Pappy's BBQ seasoning rubbed the ribs. He sliced a couple of large onions for the ribs to sit on in the pot. He then spiraled the two racks of ribs around in the crack pot until they fit in. They were all standing up in there. He then poured a full bottle of BBQ sauce on top. Mars turned the pot on high for 6 hours and we went about our day. He then called everyone and told them to be at the apartment between 7:30 and 8.

They came, we ate and ate and ate. Then complained about getting full. Because doesn't it suck when you want more ribs but are too full to eat any more. Round two was a complete success. Although next time Mario would like to throw the ribs on the BBQ for a few minutes to get a little char and BBQ flavor on there before he puts them in the cooker. Next time I think we also need step by step photos for instruction...or maybe bragging.

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