Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I heart Beets

I have really come to love beets in the last year. I like them on salads. I like them roasted. There were even some roasted and fresh beets on the salad at our wedding reception. I really love the beets.

Thanks to those fantastic roasted beets that I had for dinner Sunday night...I had the opportunity to turn in a really pretty pink pee-pee sample to my doctor on Monday morning...


  1. Haha!! This made me laugh so hard! Totally was doing my check Melissa's Blog and not I've gotten into checking yours right after hers (so now I blog stock both of you!) and was definitely not expecting to read about pee... but it was totally informational because I had no idea you could have pink pee! Thanks for the educational moment :-)

  2. Maybe I should have told them why it was pink, but I figured it would be like a fun "why-is-her-pee-pink" puzzle...


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