Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking up...


We fought to make it work...but we ultimately knew it wouldn't. I knew Saul had gotten to Colleen when her tough cop character was talking about the yard. She had planned a garden, a bbq and already had the fire pit going! I was eating delicious avocados from the yard and collecting tomatoes from the garden colleen had planted. That smooth talking Saul had us! Damn that irresistible smile of his!

As we took the "long" way home, I knew I was going to have to call Saul and tell him we weren't going to take the house. I felt guilty for lying to him. I honestly did hope that Mario would see the little house and somehow see a little glimmer of hope for the place. But it just didn't make sense to take him all the way out there for a place that just wasn't right for us.

When I got home, I explained it to Mario the situation. I was honest and told him that the house wasn't right for us, but that I had made an appointment to go back out and see it. Mario was completely confused. I told him he didn't understand how nice Saul was. Colleen and I knew that once Mario met Saul, they would be best friends. Of course Mario wasn't going for it at all. He didn't want to hear about Jon Pierre, Jacqueline Michelle,  or John Paul Jr "The baby"...Saul's three adult kids. He wasn't interested in hearing about how close the house was to In and Out Burger or Walgreen's. He wasn't interested in Saul's pro tennis player son. Or how he'll hand the buildings he owns to them. He simply didn't see the point.

There was nothing left to do but to call and break up with him. I steeled myself and dialed his number

Me "Hi Saul, it's Laura"
Saul with his nondescript accent "Well, hello Laura. How are you today?"
Me "Great thanks! How are you today?"
Saul "Oh just thinking of you."

Me "uh, oh, how nice"...awkward!
Saul "When are you coming back out to see me?"
Me "well, that's why I called. We won't be able to come out. We decided to stay closer to Burbank"
Saul "Ah, I see. Well, I understand. I thought you would be the perfect tenant for my castle"
Me "Oh, I'm sure we would have been. I'm sure you'll find someone who will be perfect."
Saul "I hope so! But they won't be you!"

Oh that flatterer! As awkward as it was, he still knew how to work the charm. I was a little bummed but relieved too. I can only imagine he's one of those managers who just "pops" by...especially with a sorority out front. 

Colleen and I will always hold a special place in our heart for Saul. I like to think that I let him down easy. We didn't get too serious before we broke up with him. Had I introduced Mario into the situation, it would have been a very tough breakup. I think we got out at the right time.

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