Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I received a disturbing email from my mother....

I just called Rossmoor to get the papers for the apt lease.  I needed to know what the hours were at the office.
No problem I could come in at 8am to the office.  She asked what the date of the lease was.
I said nov 1.  she says I can come in on that day and get the papers.  WTF.
I may go in this week and get the papers started.  and see what she says.


I'm sure it's not disturbing to most people. It's really her normal random sentences, lots of double spacing, periods where there don't need to be periods, a lack of capitalization in spots. What upsets me is at the end of line three. "WTF" Where did she learn that?! My sister and I don't use it. So, I responded to her email.

yeah that is weird...You know what else is weird? You using WTF in an email. IT gives me the heebie Jeebies!


Her response?

you are tooo cute.  I am trying to clean up my language for the grandchildren................................................

I do not want my kids saying "WTF". Besides anyone who knows her can all call bullshit on her cleaning up her language. I also love the loooonnnnggg pause at the end...it's as long as the wait she'll have before she actually gets grandchildren if she keeps saying WTF!

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