Monday, October 03, 2011

Serious Conversations Between Friends

Sunday during a very important business conversation with a friends, the conversation took a turn...

Ed said "I heard that for every 35 pounds you loose, you gain an inch of penis"
Rene "What!"
Me "I heard it was 50 pounds."
Ed "Nope, I've heard 35 pounds consistently."
Rene "What!"
Me "How many places have you researched this?"
Ed "No, I've just heard it a few times"
Me "Oh, well, 35 pounds is better anyways."
Rene "What are you guys talking about!"
Me "For every 35 pounds a man looses, it reduces the fat around their penis...making it longer."
Rene "You can't be serious!"
Ed "I'm going to loose 140 pounds. That'd give me 4 more inches, right?"
Rene "Oh my god!"
Me "You'd be a stick with a huge cock!"
Ed "I know! I'd be like 50 pounds, but my dick would be huge!"
Rene "Oh my god!"
Me "Yeah, you'd be so thin, you wouldn't be able to even lift it!"
Ed "I don't care! It would be huge!"

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