Thursday, June 09, 2011

Work, Veg, Blogs, and Shark Attacks

1)So, all this talk of breaking up with the restaurant and I end up working part time there. Why the hell do I keep getting into this situation? They needed someone they trust to run the register on the weekends and I wanted to pick up part time work. I'm really not sure how long this will go on, but for now, it's easy work. Despite how frustrated I get with the owner of the restaurant, I still want to see the restaurant do well. Oh well. I just keep telling myself it's temporary, it's temporary...

2)Mario doesn't stay still while he sleeps. He shakes his legs, rocks, sits up, rocks, and rolls. It took me forever to get used to it. I can sleep through most anything now...well with the exception of freaking myself out with scary shows, books, or gang member neighbors. As far as Mario's crazy sleeping goes, I probably have slept through some good earthquakes and never knew because Mario was rocking the bed more than the quake was.

The other night was bad though. He was kicking around, swimming, and moving all over the place. The cat kept moving closer to me, so he wouldn't get kicked. I kept moving closer to the edge of the bed to keep clear of the swimming. Finally the cat got up and went into the other room, and I was left to fend for myself. I pushed him back to his side of the bed. I pinned one of his legs down with my legs. I finally fell asleep. The next morning Mario woke up refreshed. I was still exhausted. When Mario asked why I was so tired, I responded with "Babe you sleep like a shark attack victim...swimming and thrashing around. The cat took off early and I just tried to fend for myself". He fell over laughing at the thought of him being a shark attack victim, but honestly it's the best way I've found to describe it.

3)Our garden is out of control! I am so happy. We pretty much go outside after work and see how much it's grown every night. Mario hooked up the mister system and I have the happiest plants out in the backyard! The tomatoes are growing out of control. Lots of green tomaters all over the place...I can't wait for them to ripen! I'm also excited for the things that I have tried to grow in the past that didn't work out...however, they are totally growing this year. Cucumbers! I have lots of little cucumbers! Rocket...I couldn't get one leaf to grow last year...I have a whole crop this year...ok, a relatively small planter but it's producing a pretty good amount. Rosemary, parsley, basil, brussel sprouts, peppers...I am so excited to start pulling more veggies. I've been cutting herbs and the rocket and it makes me so happy. Just gotta keep it all growing! we've been lucky to have a pretty mild spring and summer so far. I keep waiting for the hard heat to hit and take me down a notch as a gardener. Until then, I'm going to keep enjoying what I have growing!

4)I have a couple of folders of blogs that I read. Split into subjects...kinda. I certainly have my favorites that I take a look at every day. I have some that I just click through every once in a while. I have been reading about blogs petering out. Their popularity is slipping. A favorite blogger of mine mentioned this not too long ago. She's one of those bloggers that has hundreds of comments a day. The actual number of visitors to her blog are much higher. She said she sees the number slipping and the comments are even fewer. She knows there will be an end to blogging, like anything else. There will always be blogs around, they just won't be the numbers there originally were. 

Despite this fact, I still get irritated when my favorite blog hasn't posted a new blog in a few weeks. I fight the urge to send a comment telling them to get their arse in gear and write a post! Then I think, ah shit, I haven't posted in a get your arse in gear and post you hypocrite! 

I know that blogs are loosing their sparkle but I still love writing blogs. I love telling the stories about the dumb shit I do.

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